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Tax Impact

Property Tax Impact with Facilities and Operational Referendum


December 2020
Tax Bill

December 2021
Tax Bill

December 2022
Tax Bill

December 2023
Tax Bill

December 2024
Tax Bill

2020-2021  $0.00        
2021-2022    $39.00      
2022-2023      $31.00    
2023-2024        $21.00  
2024-2025          $28.00
    Total referendum tax increase (per $100,000 assessed value) over 4 years (compared to 2020):   $119.00
$100,000 home
operational referendum
increase compared
to 2020
 $0.00  $39.00  $70.00  $91.00  $119.00


The board designed the solution that was presented to voters in November to address facility needs, protect the outstanding education experience provided to our students and protect the needs of property taxpayers.

Since the operational referendum was approved by voters, there will be a gradual increase in school-related taxes over 4 years, starting with tax bills issued in December 2021, finishing with a total increase total of $119 per $100,000 of assessed value at the end of the 2024-25 school year. In other words, there would be an increase of $39 over the base in year one, $70 over the base in year two, $91 over the base in year three, and $119 over the base in year four.