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Reports & Presentations

The School District of Janesville’s long-term facilities planning process has been data driven and intentional.  We began our planning with a facilities assessment: a comprehensive study of our facilities, including a review of major building systems and a study of how our facilities support our educational goals.  An additional study of the district’s outdoor sites and athletics fields accompanies the facilities assessment.  Cost estimates were calculated for the building conditions portion of the facilities assessment.  


Key facilities assessment found:

  • Many schools have antiquated, inefficient or deteriorating building systems that are at or beyond their service life (electrical components, mechanical systems, plumbing, roofing, windows, etc.).
  • Many buildings lack breakout areas and large group instructional spaces used for collaboration, small group instruction, or co-teaching.  
  • Most career & technical education and family & consumer science labs are out-of-date. 
  • Many buildings could benefit from enhances security measures such as “layering” security features and improving traffic flow.
  • Many specialty spaces like theater and athletics suffer from various inadequacies.

Public School Funding in Wisconsin

The public school funding system in Wisconsin is complicated and has not kept up with the annual rising costs due to inflation. For a brief explanation of the funding system, watch this Public School Financing Video.  

Board Presentations

ADA Compliant Versions of All Slides


Following the facilities assessment, cost were estimated for the building conditions portion of the study.  Important:  the full $578 million estimated cost represents the district long-term capital maintenance needs.  Following the initial cost presentation, the district identified $137 of high-priority, near-term capital maintenance projects.  It is also important to remember that these capital maintenance cost estimates do not include potential remodeling or modernization. The cost estimates were prepared by JP Cullen & Sons.

There were two presentations at the January 30, 2024 Board Workshop: