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Facilities Needs

Address Buildings and Grounds. 

Investing in mechanical systems, electrical components, plumbing fixtures, roofing systems, interior fixtures, and other capital maintenance is critical to extending the lifespan of our schools. However, the state school funding formula makes it difficult for us to invest significant year-to-year funding in capital maintenance.  Therefore, we are forced to defer all but the most pressing projects each year.  This has resulted in long-term capital maintenance needs of $587 million, of which $157 million are near-term priorities.

Improve Safety & Security. 

With voters’ support, we ensured that each of our buildings have a secure entry sequence.  However, we can continue to improve safety and security.  For example, many of our buildings lack “layers” of security that allow portions of a school to be segmented in case of emergency.    

Enhance Special Education Spaces. 

To best serve our growing population of special education student, staff require specialty spaces.  However, many of our schools lack well-designed occupational and physical therapy spaces.  Many schools also lack small group spaces our specialists can use with special education students.  

Modernize Career and Technical Education (CTE) Spaces.

Many of our career and technical education rooms have outdated equipment and don’t support the skills need to succeed to our regional economy.  Unlike many other school districts, we lack modern manufacturing and engineering classrooms, fabrication labs, culinary rooms, and more.

Renovate Aging Elementary Classrooms.  

Teaching and learning has changed a great deal since many of our schools were built.  Our aging elementary buildings lack spaces for flexible learning and small group-instruction.  We have prioritized list of $36 million in project to renovate our elementary buildings.  All elementary buildings would receive partial renovation.  

Improve Access to Outdoor Athletics & Physical Education Space. 

The District currently uses Monterey Stadium for football and track. Because it is offsite, students have to travel, which can be a safety concern. This city-owned property requires significant maintenance, which is paid for by the school district.  This district recommends building a multi-use outdoor athletics facility at each high school.  However, we are also seeking feedback on rebuilding Monterey Stadium.