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Long-Term Facilities Planning

The School District of Janesville operates 20 school facilities and maintains over 2 million square feet of buildings.

Our schools are aging and in need of revitalization.  The district’s buildings are, on average, 63 years old.  Seventeen of our 20 buildings were constructed prior to 1970.  


The district faces a minimum of $578 million in long-term capital maintenance needs.  In addition, we need to make substantial additional investment to renovate and modernize our schools.

District leadership recognizes our needs are substantial.  At the same time, we know addressing all needs at one time is not realistic.  Rather, we believe the responsible approach is to develop a phased long-term plan that prioritizes our most immediate needs and that addresses additional needs in future years.  The initial steps in our long-term plan could occur in November 2024 with a phase 1 referendum.

Wisconsin Public Television: Why are so many school districts holding referendums?


We are being as thoughtful as possible during the planning process.  We’re acting based on data and facts.  Along the way, we’re, engaging parents, staff and other community stakeholders to inform our decision-making.  


Facilities Planning: A Phased Approach



SDJ Facilities Planning Timeline Graphic