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District Facilities

The School District of Janesville is developing a long-range facilities plan. The inception of long-range planning reflects the district’s commitment to supporting students and staff by improving its physical infrastructure and enhancing its learning environments. 

The long-range facilities planning process begins with a facilities assessment, and a detailed review of the district's buildings and school sites. The facilities assessment was finalized in January 2024 and consists of three components:

  • Building Conditions Evaluation: A detailed examination of the capital maintenance needs at the district’s 23 schools and sites. This assessment will help the district determine if electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or other building systems are in need of repair or replacement. 
  • Educational Adequacy Assessment: An analysis of how well the district’s facilities support its teaching and learning objectives.
  • Capacity and Utilization Review: An examination of how efficiently the district’s buildings are being used.

“We believe in data-driven decision-making,” said Mark Holzman, Superintendent. “Our facilities are aging, averaging 62 years old, and we have four buildings over 90 years of age. This facilities assessment will provide the Board of Education with an independent and thorough assessment of our schools upon which it can base reliable decisions.” 

Cover of a report on SDJ facilities, showing SDJ Logo and collage of district buildings

At the January 11, 2024 Board of Education meeting, the Facilities Assessment report was presented, providing board commissioners an opportunity to review and ask questions.

  • The presentation slides can be seen through this PDF file
  • The full report with each building/location detailed can be see through this PDF file.

ADA compliant versions of this PDF/ Slideshow 

The facilities assessment is a comprehensive analysis of the district's 19 academic buildings, which cover approximately 2 million square feet, and their associated sites. Six of the district’s facilities were constructed prior to 1940, with one dating to the 1880’s.

Key facilities assessment findings include:

  • Numerous buildings have mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems at or beyond their useful life. Several buildings have roofs at the end of their useful life. Multiple facilities also have inefficient single-pane (non-insulated) windows.
  • Many buildings lack breakout areas and large group instructional spaces used for collaboration, small group instruction, or co-teaching.  
  • Most career & technical education and family & consumer science labs are out-of-date. 
  • While the district has made important strides in improving safety and security, implementing “layered” security and improving traffic flow can further enhance student and staff safety.
  • Specialty spaces like theaters and athletics facilities have deficiencies.

The facilities assessment was completed by Eppstein Uhen Architect (EUA) and Point of Beginning (POB), in conjunction with consulting engineers. J.P. Cullen is estimating the capital maintenance portion of the facilities assessment.

Following the facilities assessment, the district will identify key future planning decisions and prioritize its needs. The district is committed to engaging staff, parents, and community stakeholders as a part of this process. This work is in tandem with strategic planning efforts already underway, all with the goal of providing the Board of Education with the data to make the most informed decisions for the near and long-term future of the School District of Janesville.