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School Transfers

The School District of Janesville’s Board of Education has committed to maintaining the neighborhood school concept as long as it shall be practicable.  The district has adopted the following procedures for families to follow if their individual circumstances make it difficult to maintain the neighborhood concept.  Please refer to Board Policy 5130 and Administrative Regulation 5130.1 if you wish to read the complete policy and regulation regarding this process. Click the button below for the PDF form.

Transfer Form

School Transfer/ Placement within the School District Timelines

Requests for School Transfer Placement within the School District for childcare reasons or parental choice – choosing to attend a school in the district other than the district assigned school – are made December 1-15 for the upcoming school year.  Application forms are available in school offices or at the Education Services Center, 527 S. Franklin Street.  Parents residing within the School District of Janesville who would like to choose a school within this district but outside of their district assigned area may apply. Parents who received approval for a transfer do not need to reapply unless their home address changes. Students under a school transfer will adopt the district pathway assignment for their approved transfer school.

Completed applications must be returned no later than December 15 for the upcoming school year. A letter approving or denying all timely intra-district requests will be mailed no later than January 15.  (Late transfer requests may not be reviewed until after June 30th.) 

Students who have moved out of a school’s attendance area and wish to continue to attend their current school should apply within two weeks of their move for a “Request to Remain in Current School Following Move to New Attendance Area” form.  These forms can be obtained from your current school’s office. Students will have the option to complete the current school year only or the remainder of their school years.   

The School District of Janesville does not provide transportation for families approved for an intra-district transfer.  If a student changes his/her mind after an Intra-District Transfer Request is granted; it becomes the school district’s decision whether or not a student can attend their resident home school attendance area. Both space availability and maintenance of balanced enrollment throughout the district will be used as criteria for review of applications. 


Additional Information For:

Preschool for Janesville(P4J)/Pre-Kindergarten(PK)/Early Childhood(EC) 

School placements for the P4J/PK program are made by the Coordinator of Early Learning.  Questions regarding those placements should be directed to the P4J office at 608-743-5059 or 608-743-5038.  Early Childhood placements are made by the Special Education Department. Questions regarding those placements may be directed to the Coordinator of Special Education, Mary Burke at 608-743-5097 or Program Support Teacher Tracy Schenk at 608-743-5043. School placements decisions for students younger than Kindergarten age are made only for the Early Learning programs.  P4J/PK/EC students who wish to attend a school for Kindergarten other than their home attendance area school must apply for a school transfer during the two week Kindergarten Enrollment period in early December prior to the year they would start Kindergarten.



Kindergarten – 5th Grade  

Applications for elementary transfers must be returned to the Administrative Services office at the Educational Services Center, located at 527 S. Franklin Street. Elementary transfer requests are subject to approval by the Director of Administrative Services and Human Resources. If you have questions regarding elementary level transfers, please contact the Administrative Services office at 743-5006. Applications must also be made for newly enrolling kindergarten students for the upcoming school year with siblings currently approved for School Transfer/Placement within the school district. Please complete the transfer application request for incoming kindergarten students during the publicized Kindergarten Enrollment period, usually in early December. While every effort is made to meet parent/guardian requests for kindergarten students to attend the same elementary school as pre-approved siblings, it is not guaranteed. Receipt of transfer application requests during the two week Kindergarten Enrollment period will greatly improve siblings’ chances of being approved.  


Middle and High School 

Applications for middle and high school transfers must be returned to the middle or high school your child is district assigned to.  Please see the following pathway assignment to determine what school your child would be district assigned based on where they are currently attending school. Middle and high school principals will review requests and determine approval. If you have questions regarding middle or high school intra-district transfers, please contact the middle or high school principal of your district assigned school.  


Resident Students Not Currently Enrolled in a Janesville Public School 

Resident students newly enrolling in the School District of Janesville are permitted to request a school transfer at the time of their enrollment.  School transfer requests will add additional time to the processing of enrollment and are granted based on space availability and review of enrollment balance at the time the request is received. 


Non-Resident Students 

Non-resident students currently attending the School District of Janesville under the state open enrollment program who wish to request a school transfer should apply during the December 1 – 15th time period.  Per state law currently attending open enrollment students are granted the same preferences as resident students. 
Non-resident students not currently attending a public school in the School District of Janesville are required to apply for Open Enrollment during the state specified time period.  Please click on the following link to receive detailed information about the open enrollment program.  


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