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Health Reminders for Kindergarten


Health Reminders for Kindergarten


Make sure your child’s school has a copy of immunizations or a signed waiver that will remain on file. You may view your child’s immunizations on the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR). The WIR is a secure computerized data system that tracks immunizations given to individuals. The internet address is To obtain the dates of your child’s immunizations, type in your child’s name, social security, Medicaid number, or Healthcare Member ID. If it is not located in WIR , please contact your medical provider and ask that the number be added into WIR so that you can obtain access to your child’s immunization record.

Is there any medication my student needs at school (EPI-PENs, seizure medication, any medication taken at lunch, inhalers or seasonal allergy medication, Tylenol/Motrin for chronic headaches or other symptoms.) A medication consent form is included in your packet.

If there are any health conditions that you as the parent feel are important for the school to know, please contact your school nurse. I will be happy to discuss what we can do to ensure your child has a healthy and safe school year.

Heidi Bakke RN (608) 290-1873 Harrison, Kennedy, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Wilson Elementary Schools Diane Campton RN (608) 295-3591 Parker HS, TAGOS, TATE, RRCS, Madison Elementary Kristi Coy RN (608) 295-3419 Franklin MS, Marshall MS, Monroe and Washington Elementary Katrina Huebner RN (608) 295-1725 Edison MS, Lincoln, Jackson, and Van Buren Elementary Schools Pam Nightingale RN (608) 728-4981 Craig HS, RUHS, Adams Elementary Schools

If your child has health concerns please download and fill out the following information and your schools nurse will contact you. PLEASE RETURN TO YOUR SCHOOL OFFICE.