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The Janesville Early Literacy Task Force is working on several projects in partnership with community businesses and agencies. (See individual project pages for more detailed information.)


Ongoing Projects:

  • Bookbag distribution through Rock County Human Services
  • Book giveaways at community and school district events
  • National Night Out
  • Westgate Corridor Block Party
  • Rock County Baby Shower
  • Kindergarten Registration

Current Projects:

  • Read, Talk, Play Kits to be distributed at birth through SSM Health and Mercy Hospitals
  • Rattle Drive

*Both projects are currently in the planning stage. Once funding is secured, the Task Force will order and assemble kits for distribution.

Future Projects:

  • Read, Talk, Play Groups 


Partnership with Rock County Human Services Bags are delivered to Rock County families during the initial visit by a Rock County Human Services caseworker. Caseworkers go through the Caregiver Visit Checklist sharing the importance of reading, taking and playing with their children and the impact these activities have on brain and language development. Caseworkers also model how to read with child(ren).

Each Bookbag costs $20.00 to assemble and contains the following items:

  • 5 - 6 age appropriate books (birth - 6-years-old)
  • Information packet for caregivers

Read, Talk,Play Kits

Partnership with Mercy and SSM Health Systems

Read, Talk, Play Kits will be distributed by both Mercy and SSM Health in Janesville to all mothers giving birth at their facilities (approx 1,500 births per year). Nursers/Volunteers will share information with parents regarding the importance language plays in brain development, especially during the first three years of life. These early literacy kits contain teaching points, books, and tools to guide parents in reading, talking and playing with their child in order to promote healthy brain development right from the start.

Items included in kit

Kit Contents:

  • Books
  • Developmental Tips Ring
  • Parent Education Resources
  • Bib
  • Rattle
Read, Talk, Play Kit Pricing
Item Item Cost Quantity Total
Bag with logo $3.00 each 1500 $4,500
Boardbooks $2.50 each (2 per bag) 3000 $7,500
Love Your Baby card ring $9.47 Each (with 35% discount) 1500 $14,610
Folder with tip sheets .50 1500 $750
Bib with Logo $4.00 each 1500 $6,000
Rattle $2.00 each 1500 $3,000
  $21.74 per bag   $36,360

Rattle Drive

The Janesville Early Literacy Task Force has partnered with Mercy and SSM Health to provide a brain bag to every infant that is born at their Janesville facilities. Each family will receive a free bag along with an education session sharing information regarding early brain development and the importance of reading, talking and playing with their baby every day.