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Early Literacy Program

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 young child reading a book
The Janesville Early Literacy Task Force is committed to engaging the entire community in preparing children from birth to age four to succeed in school and life by empowering families to read, talk, and play together every day.

The School District of Janesville is committed to the success of all students as reflected in our promises to children, families and the community: Every student is know by name, strength, and need; and every student graduates ready for college, career, and life 90% of 3rd graders will read at or above grade level

In order to achieve these promises, the School District of Janesville recognizes that waiting until our children start P4J is often too late. The Janesville Early Literacy Task Force was formed in partnership with area businesses and organizations to ensure that every child and family has access to books and information regarding the importance of early literacy and brain development.


Our Sponsors

Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for providing financial support for our projects.

  • United Way Blackhawk Region
  • Blackhawk Bank
  • Dean/SSM Health
  • Steve Huth Family
  • Kiwanis 
  • Delta Kappa Gamma
  • Janesville Area Retired Teachers
  • Konya & Matthew Schuh
  • Mercy Health Systems
  • Blackhawk Community Credit Union
  • Janesville Morning Optimist
  • Janesville Morning Rotary


Thank you to our Task Force members for providing input and support for this meaningful work.

Task Force Community Membership

  • Rock County CPS
  • City of Janesville
  • Birth to 3 Program
  • Hedberg Public Library
  • Head Start
  • Children's Hospital of WI
  • Forward Janesville
  • Blackhawk Bank
  • United Way
  • Mercy Health Connection
  • SSM Health
  • Friends of Hedberg 
  • Janesville Community Day Care
  • Blackhawk Community Credit Union
  • School District of Janesville
  • Janesville Area Retired Educator Association
  • Faith Works Church Partners
  • Janesville Police Department
  • Health Net
  • WIC
  • YWCA
  • AAUW