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Student Services

Student Services staff provide a wide range of special services for students, staff and parents. The School District of Janesville offers many special educational services for children from early childhood (age 3 years) to age 21 years.

  1. The Special Education and Student Services Department work together to provide services to all students within the District through a broad range of health and safety services, as well as education regarding nutrition, physical activity, school safety, mental health resources, special education resources, and parent/family/community involvement.
  2. Program Support Teachers, Occupational and Physical Therapists are part of the team supporting the learning for cognitively, emotionally, physically or behaviorally disabled or challenged students. They also offer services to meet the speech and language needs of Early Childhood and all students to assist in designing the most appropriate education for our students.
  3. Counselors, Social Workers and School Psychologists are a part of the Student Services team focusing on academic, interpersonal, social and career development.

See our staff list below for contact information, we welcome your call.

Student Health & Wellness

Bullying and Crime Prevention

The School District of Janesville administration works closely with the Janesville Police Department in creating a safe environment for students and families. To learn more about our unique anonymous tip reporting tool, please visit our Bullying Prevention page.

Student Immunizations


All students admitted to the School District of Janesville must present immunization records as required by law. Except as otherwise provided, immunizations are required for measles, rubella, diptheria, pertussis, polio, tetanus, mumps, Hepatitis B, and Varicella.

The School District of Janesville shall notify, with a legal notice, and according to the deadlines established by law, the parent/guardian of any minor student who has not submitted either written evidence of immunization or a waiver form.

Notification shall include a list of missing immunizations, the availability of waivers for reasons of health, religion, or personal conviction, and explanation of the penalty for noncompliance and information on how and where to obtain necessary immunizations.

To determine which vaccines for your child(ren) are on file with Wisconsin you can use the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.


Required Immunizations:

Letter From the County Health Department

Grade Level RequirmentsRequisitos de inmunización a nivel de grado


Required Forms:




Student Immunization RecordRegistro de Inmunización de EstudiantesStudent Waiver of Immunizations (English and Spanish)



Administering Medications

Medications should be administered to school children by parents at home whenever possible. In the event that a student needs medication during school hours, we have processes and procedures that need adhered to for safe administration. This information can be found at:

Administering Medications to Students

For medications that need to be administered by school staff during school hours, the following form will be needed:

Medication Consent Form - English

Medication Consent Form - Spanish

Substance Abuse Resources

Our diverse committee calls on the whole community for support to get involved and take the next steps! If you are interested in more information, know of a student in need of ATODA assistance or want to join the ATODA Committee, please contact Sonja Robinson, Coordinator of Students Services at (608) 743-5079.

Prime for Life

What is Prime for Life?

Prime for Life is an alcohol and drug program for people of all ages. It is designed to gently but powerfully challenge common beliefs and attitudes that directly contribute to high-risk alcohol and drug use. The program goals are to reduce the risk for health problems and impairment problems.

A primary goal of Prime for Life is prevention of any type of alcohol or drug problem. This includes prevention of health problems such as alcoholism, or impairment problems such as car crashes or fights. Emphasis is on knowing and understanding risks one can and cannot change.

Using a persuasion-based approach, instructors use a variety of delivery methods, including interactive presentations and small group discussion. Participants use workbooks throughout the course to complete a number of individual and group activities. Material is presented in a DVD platform with animation, full motion clips, and audio clips to enhance the learning experience.

Several themes run throughout Prime for Life. The first is an emphasis on the reality that while all of us can influence another person drinking choices to some degree, none of us can directly control those choices.

Second, Prime for Life is based on objective, documented research findings, not opinion, exaggerations or scare tactics. Third, Prime for Life focuses on information that is needed to bring about behavior change. Participants are not expected to remember the details of the research cited. The content is only one tool used in the persuasion process.

What participants will remember is the critical conclusions that come from hearing the information. Who can experience alcohol and drug problems? How do I estimate biological risk? How do I know what low risk is and how have my alcohol and drug choices progressed? The carefully selected, research based information also provides the credibility needed to promote change.

Prime for Life Under 21 Procedures

If your child has been referred to take the Prime for Life class, this is what you do.

  1. The student must register to take the Prime for Life class in the Student Services Department of the School district of Janesville. 527 S. Franklin St. Janesville, WI. You will need to complete a registration form and pay the class fee. Class fees are $10 for a student taking Prime for Life due to an expulsion and $60 for students who are taking the class for an underage drinking ticket or for an athletic code violation. You can download a registration form on this website and bring the form with you when you register. Checks should be made out to the School District of Janesville.
  2. Once you have registered for the Prime for Life class, the class instructor or student services administrative assistant will contact you regarding the time, date, and location of the class.
  3. Complete the 16 hour Prime for Life class.
  4. After you have completed the class, the instructor will either give you a compliance report the last night of class to take to court with you or mail out completion letters to district officials.

Prime for Life Registration Form:

Registration Form


Local School Wellness Policy

Homeless Resources

Did You Know?

Did you know?

  • If you are not living with a parent or guardian, you may have rights under McKinney-Vento!
  • If you are a runaway, you may have rights under McKinney-Vento!
  • If you are 18, 19, 20 or 21 years old, living on your own, and do not have a high school diploma, you may have rights under McKinney-Vento!
  • If you are a teen parent and you are not living with your own parents, you may have rights under McKinney-Vento!
  • If you are couch surfing, you may have rights under McKinney-Vento!
  • If your parents kicked you out, you may have rights under McKinney-Vento!
  • If you are living in any situation that is not fixed, regular or adequate, you may have rights under McKinney-Vento!

Facts: McKinney - Vento Homeless Education Act

Part of the No Child Left Behind federal legislation, this law protects homeless students from discrimination and mandates equal access to educational programs and services. Students who are identified as homeless must have barriers to their education removed.

To learn more about the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act, try the following websites:

District Resources

For more information about district (Janesville) resources, please contact:

  • Carrie Kulinski Homeless Liaison at (608) 751-7779
  • Kim Peerenboom, Director of Pupil Services at (608) 743-5079
  • Kristine Nadolski, Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program at (608) 267-7338
  • Karen Rice, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction at (608) 267-1284

How Can You Help?

List of Needs:

The following is a list of ongoing needs for our homeless youth, please consider donating. You can drop your donations at the Education Services Center for Carrie Kulinski.

  • Socks (all sizes)
  • Underwear (all sizes)
  • Warm/waterproof gloves
  • Winter Boots
  • Snow pants
  • Gift cards (food or groceries)
  • Gas cards (fuel only cards)
  • Bus tokens
  • School supplies
  • Back packs
  • Blankets
  • Toiletries

Rights and Indentification

Who is protected under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act?

Students whose overnight accommodations are not fixed, regular or adequate are protected by the McKinney-Vento Act. The following living situations may be considered homeless:

  • Sharing housing with relatives or others due to a lack of housing
  • In a shelter or transitional living program
  • In a motel, hotel, park or campground due to lack of adequate housing
  • In a car or RV or in a public place (such as a bus station)
  • In sub-standard housing, such as an abandoned building
  • Without a parent or guardian, or a teen (up to age 21) living independently
  • Parents are migrant workers
  • In other situations that are not fixed, regular, or adequate for nighttime residence

Each school district’s homeless liaison is responsible for determining if a student qualifies as homeless.

If you or someone you know may qualify for protection under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act, please contact your school social worker or call Carrie Kulinski, Homeless Education Program Coordinator at (608) 751-7779.

Homeless status is kept confidential.

What are the rights of students identified under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act?

Students who are identified as homeless by the school district’s homeless liaison have the following rights from the point of identification.

  • Immediate school enrollment: Even without proof of residency, guardianship, immunizations, or school records.
  • School choice: Students may choose to stay at the school attended when permanently housed or to enroll in the school where currently living for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Free lunches: Homeless students are automatically eligible to receive free lunch for the duration of the school year.
  • School fee waivers: Students have the right to equal access to education.
  • School supplies: Students have the right to have barriers to education removed. Required school supplies should be provided.
  • Transportation: While students are actively homeless, transportation is provided for students residing outside of their school’s attendance area.

Community Resources

Contact the following for Janesville Community Resources:

  • House of Mercy homeless shelter: (608) 754-0045
  • American Red Cross for residential fires: (608) 754-4497
  • ECHO food pantry and emergency shelter vouchers: (608) 754-5333
  • Salvation Army emergency shelter vouchers and transitional living programs: (608) 757-8300
  • YWCA domestic violence shelter and transitional living programs: (608) 752-2583
  • HealthNet free clinic: (608) 756-4638
  • Janesville Community Health Center at Mercy Clinic- South sliding scale medical care: (608) 758-7814
  • Rock County Job Center to apply for food share, Medicaid, employment opportunities: (608) 741-3400
  • For referral to other services: (608) 752-3100
This 20 minute video takes  you on a virtual tour of Project 16:49, ECHO, House of Mercy and the YWCA.  The agencies describe how to access their services and what services they offer.  If you know of a student or family experiencing homelessness please contact your school Social worker.

Homeless Resources Video

See our Student Services staff list below:

Kimberli Peerenboom

Director, Pupil Services
School: 743-5061

Thea Murphy

Coordinator, Special Education
School: 743-5097

Sonja Robinson

Coordinator, Student Services
School: 743-5079

Carly Sihabouth

Administrative Assistant to Director of Pupil Services
School: 743-5061

Melissa Phelps

Administrative Assistant to Pupil Services
School: 743-5078

Alisha Braunreiter


Deen Hartley

Open Enrollment Specialist
School: 743-5152

Rachael Hearn

School: 743-5077

Isabel Hernandez

Administrative Assistant to Enrollment
School: 743-5153

Valerie Mason

Special Ed. Clerk

Amy Mumm

School: 743-5072

Kristine Winchell

School: 743-5067