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Student Services

Student Services staff provide a wide range of special services for students, staff and parents. The School District of Janesville offers many special educational services for children from early childhood (age 3 years) to age 21 years.

  1. The Special Education and Student Services Department work together to provide services to all students within the District through a broad range of health and safety services, as well as education regarding nutrition, physical activity, school safety, mental health resources, special education resources, and parent/family/community involvement.
  2. Program Support Teachers, Occupational and Physical Therapists are part of the team supporting the learning for cognitively, emotionally, physically or behaviorally disabled or challenged students. They also offer services to meet the speech and language needs of Early Childhood and all students to assist in designing the most appropriate education for our students.
  3. Counselors, Social Workers and School Psychologists are a part of the Student Services team focusing on academic, interpersonal, social and career development.

See our staff list below for contact information, we welcome your call.

Student Health & Wellness

Homeless Resources

See our Student Services staff list below:

Kimberli Peerenboom

Titles: Director Of Pupil Services
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Carly Sihabouth

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Sonja Robinson

Titles: Student Services Coordinator
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Alisha Braunreiter

Titles: Administrative Assistant to Student Services
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Thea Murphy

Titles: Special Education Coordinator
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Sabrina Diaz-Barnett

Titles: Mental Health Navigator
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Kristine Winchell

Titles: Special Education Clerk
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Rachael Monson

Titles: Student Services Office Clerk
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Deen Hartley

Titles: Open Enrollment Specialist
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Isabel Hernandez

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Roles: Faculty & Staff

Stephanie Hext Wohlleben

Titles: Clerk
Roles: Faculty & Staff