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Substitute Teaching

Substitute teachers and substitute aides play an important role of the smooth operation of the School District of Janesville and supporting education for our students. We value your hard work and dedication.

If would like to consider working as a substitute teacher or substitute aide in our our District, please call (608) 743-5026 for more information on becoming a part of our team.

For those already working as a substitute teacher or substitute aide in our District, please see the following information to assist you in answering questions:

Sub Scheduling Phone Number: 1-800-942-3767

Substitute Training Flier

Substitute Training Flier

ADA Compliance

Substitute Teachers Flier



Non-Certified Substitute Teachers Training

CESA 2 offers Wisconsin DPI-approved online and in-person training for those who want to obtain a Three Year Short-Term Substitute License. A Short-Term Substitute License allows individuals to be substitute teachers in Wisconsin’s public schools.

Individuals must have an Associate’s Degree or higher to apply to become a substitute teacher. Previously, applicants were required to have a Bachelor's Degree. The Wisconsin DPI recently changed the requirements to address the substitute shortage in the state.


Through this class, participants will gain a deeper understanding of effective teaching principles to prepare for future substitute teaching assignments. Training topics include:
  • The culture of schools and the teaching profession.
  • Health and safety issues, including handling of medical emergencies.
  • Age-appropriate teaching strategies.
  • Discipline, conflict resolution, and classroom management techniques.
  • Techniques for starting a class.
  • Working with lesson plans.
  • Working with children with disabilities, including confidentiality issues.


The CESA 2 trainings are available to anyone across the state interested in becoming a substitute teacher.

Online Course is Now Open! Enroll Today!

  • The online course allows participants to enroll and complete the course at any time using a dynamic learning platform called Articulate Online.
  • Participants will create a portfolio as part of the training for their use as a practicing substitute as well as to share with potential districts.
  • The cost of the course is $150.00. Substitute teacher are paid $85.00-$135.00 per day depending on the school district. Those who successfully complete the course online or in-person have the option of receiving continued support through an Online Learning Community. The Online Learning Community will allow members to network with others and receive updated information, tools, and resources from CESA 2 consultants.

To learn more about becoming a substitute teacher and the training through CESA 2, please visit the CESA 2 website at



$169.00 (WEAC member price $150 Discount applied at time of check out.) You can enroll in this course at any time. It is self-paced and instructor-guided to be completed within 90 days of registration.


1. Welcome
At the beginning of the course the student will receive a brief overview of general concepts and content of the course. It is also a chance for the student’s instructor to learn more about the student’s philosophies and life experiences that are brought to the course. The better an instructor knows the student, the better that instructor can guide the student through the course.

2. The Work of a Substitute Teacher
In this lesson the course provides a general job description of a substitute teacher as well as an explanation about Wisconsin law and why the course is necessary in Wisconsin. Students will examine what makes a “good” teacher and at the end of this lesson the student will have the opportunity to apply the information learned to his/her own example of a good teacher from past experiences.

3. School Environment
Some students have just stepped out of the classroom as a student while others have not been in a classroom for over a decade. In this section the student is given an overview of current school policies, procedures, and issues that can be found in American schools.

4. Students
This is a lengthy lesson that covers basic child development as well as several different special needs that a substitute teacher probably will encounter sometime in his/her career. The second section of this lesson is focused on teaching strategies as well as how to work with lesson plans that are incomplete or missing altogether. The information given is rather general, but within the lesson there are links available for more in-depth study of areas that the student might find personally interesting.

5. Classroom Management
In this section the student will be given information about different classroom management techniques and strategies. The student will then need to apply those techniques and strategies to several different classroom scenarios. In this way the student is put into the classroom to better prepare him/her for situations that can be very challenging.

6. Getting Ready: Putting It All Together
This lesson will help you be as prepared as one can before going into the classroom to substitute teach. Not only will the student prepare a SubCase, a stock of materials that will come in handy while substitute teaching, but the student will also visit a classroom and shadow a teacher to better understand how and why teachers make the decisions they make each day. Most students find this section to be the most rewarding because it builds on all the previous information from the course.