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Food & Nutrition


Belows are tabs that contain helpful forms and information regarding dietary restrictions as well as available assistance for families who may qualify for free or reduced price meals, just click the tabs to learn more.

Special Dietary Needs

The School District of Janesville offers these special dietary request forms for students with disabilities and food allergies. Please complete the forms and return them to the Food and Nutrition office at the Educational Services Center at 527 S. Franklin St., Janesville.

Special Dietary Needs Form

Restricciones de Dietas Especiales

Free and Reduced Meals

Online Meal Applications and Account Information is available through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Our district’s convenient electronic point of sale system provides many benefits. The Parent Portal allows you to view meal purchases, make payments, and submit a confidential free & reduced meals application, all in one convenient location.

This is the same portal you may use for classroom activities, grades, and attendance. It eliminates the use of paper tickets, eliminates the need for students to carry cash, protects the confidentiality of student income status, increases movement through lunch lines, rolls over year-end balances to the next school year, and tracks account activity for state and federal reports.

  • Cash and check payments are always welcome. Please write a separate check for cafeteria account only payable to the School District of Janesville Food Service and give the deposit to the school nutrition staff at your school. Please be sure to indicate the student’s name.
  • All balances from the end of the last year will carry over to this school year. Balances will also follow students that move to a different building within our district.
  • Applications for the 2017-18 school year can be obtained from the School Nutrition office by calling 608-743-5132, from the student's school office or by downloading the form. All Applications will be processed in the order received and you will be notified by mail of your status.

Parent Forms:

Free and Reduced Meals Information

Carta de Padres - Español

Application Instructions

Instrucciones - Español

Application Form

Formulario de solicitud - Español

Sharing Information

Formulario de intercambio - Español

Alternate Household Income Form

Formulario de Ingresos en el Hogar

Policies & Pricing

School Lunch Prices

Middle Schools$2.50
High Schools$2.60
Reduced-students$ .00

School Breakfast Prices

Student 2nd Breakfast$1.65
Adults Breakfast$2.25
Milk is included with school breakfasts, if purchased separately: 8 oz. Milk Carton $ .35

SDJ School Nutrition Meal Charge Policy

Because all students in participating schools may receive reimbursable school meals, all School Food Authorities must have a policy in place for children who are participating at the paid rate, but either do not have money in their account or in hand to cover the cost of the meal at the time of service. Such a policy ensures that school food service professionals, school administrators, families, and students have a shared understanding of expectations in these situations.

If a student account balance is negative a daily reminder call to the parent / guardian will be placed asking for payment. Low balance reminder calls will begin when a student account is under $8.00 for a full pay student. These low balance reminder calls are sent on Mondays and Thursdays.

Elementary students will not be refused a meal. When an account is negative, an additional call will be made from the School Nutrition office or the Principal’s office until we contact a parent / guardian and determine how and when payment will be made. If payment cannot be made, School Nutrition will notify the parent to send a lunch to school with their child as their account will be suspended until payment arrangements can be made. The parent / guardian will be asked if they would like to apply for free meals.

Middle School and High School students must have either funds available in their account or cash to purchase foods they select for lunch. If the student does not have funds available, they must seek out the Kitchen Manager for approval to purchase a meal on credit. All credit purchases must be paid by the following school day. If a student does not have funds or the ability to make a payment they can select an alternate meal (peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit, and milk) at no charge. The student may request a cheese sandwich if allergic to peanuts. Alternate meals are available on two successive days for students.

Middle School and High School students will be asked to contact their parent / guardian by the Kitchen Manager when they ask for approval to receive a meal on credit. Parents will be contacted by texted message or phone call from their child’s phone, or a written reminder that their child’s lunch account requires payment will be sent home with student. If a parent cannot pay they must make payment arrangements with the Kitchen Manager or School Nutrition office at the Educational Services Center or the child’s account will be suspended. The parent / guardian will be asked if they would like to apply for free meals.

Charging by adults and all district personnel is not allowed at any time.

“This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider.”

Summer Feeding Locations

Summer is coming and you may be thinking about what your child will do for meals while school is out. The good news is that the U.S. Department of Agriculture partners in your local community to serve free meals. “It’s Food That’s In, While School Is Out.” There are no income requirements and any child age 18 and under may come to eat. Breakfast and lunches will be provided for many summer weekdays at different school locations across the district. The list of locations and times will be posted here in May.