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Advanced Standing Credit

Advanced Standing courses are equivalent to a BTC course and are taught by high school teachers. Classes offered for Advanced Standing credit are free of charge to the student and are taught in the local high school. Students who receive a "B" or better are awarded technical college credit only when they enroll in a program at BTC. Available courses are listed in the high school academic and career planning guide.

Payment: District is responsible.

Contact for more information:Students should contact their school counselor.


The PIE program allows high school students to earn college credit while still in high school. Qualified high school teachers lead a course with an approved university syllabus allowing students to experience the pace, rigor, and expectations that they will find on a college campus. PIE course grades appear on a UW-Whitewater college transcript and are accepted as college credit at UW-Whitewater or transferred to any other accredited college or university.

Current course offerings are TC Advanced Computer Science AB JAVA and TC Math 143 Finite Mathematics.

Payment: High School Student is responsible for tuition. Tuition for the PIE courses is currently 1/3 of regular university tuition (currently $100.00 per credit). Students will be billed via Infinite Campus.

Contact for more information:Students should contact their school counselor.

Edison Franklin Marshall Craig Parker


School District of Janesville contact is

Christopher Maedke

CCTE Coordinator
Education Services Center