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Xello is the electronic tool that our district has chosen to use to support our students in 6th through 12th grade with Academic and Career Planning (ACP). Students will utilize the software to build self awareness, explore potential career choices, plan and schedule coursework, and determine next steps for after high school. Xello is one tool among many that SDJ will utilize to help our students create a personal and attainable post secondary plan. Parents are encouraged to engage in conversations with their child about their academic and career plans as their child begins exploring options. To make it easier for parents to stay connected to Xello, you can log in through the parent portal to view your child’s account.

Students will utilize (login) Xello to engage in career-related exploration. Students will complete interest inventories, career research, set academic and personal goals and do reflections with the support of faculty and staff.

Students will be exposed to a variety of hands-on experiences to help them begin narrowing the focus of possible career options.

Questions about your child's ACP experiences? Having difficulty logging in? Contact your child's teacher or school counselor.

Edison Franklin Marshall Craig Parker