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Elementary School ACP

Elementary school is a time when students find out a great deal about themselves. Students in elementary school will have time to:

  • discover who they are as learners
  • identify what they like and don’t like
  • gain confidence in their unique abilities
  • develop self-management and advocacy skills
  • learn how to set goals and develop plans to achieve them

Junior Achievement BizTown program (Grade 5): This program is taught by your student’s teacher and culminates with a visit to an interactive simulated town. Parent volunteers are encouraged to attend.

Please pay attention to school newsletters and announcements for all of the great opportunities both in and out of the classroom that your student has available to them and consider volunteering when and where you can.


  • College is for people like you.
  • College is relevant to your career interests.
  • College is attainable (academically and financially).
  • College is fun and an opportunity to learn and try new things and meet new people.
  • You can start preparing for college now.

5th Grade UW - Whitewater College Visits

All students in 5th grade will be taking a college visit to UW-Whitewater at Rock County.

  • Campus tour
  • Hear from a professor
  • Learn what types of jobs college graduates have and how the college will help find one
  • Career discussion with college students
  • Campus Scavenger Hunt

Response from a Jackson Elementary School teacher: "Best Field trip Ever!!!!

They had five different sections: medical (CNA, nursing, etc.) the kids were able to feel the "dummies" they use and watch the monitors; looks just like a real hospital; fire/EMT (every student was able to try on the fire fighter gear; business/economics; kids received a bag of money and in pairs counted how much they had (everyone different); then they bought things at the store; had to figure out how much they could buy, without going over; the last section was the culinary; they got to walk through and see kitchens and then we did a rice relay race. IT -- had electronics at the table taken apart: computers, phones, clocks; kids examined and drew what they saw then discussed what they learned.

The students were engaged and empowered. It was fantastic. I hear "I want to go to school here!" Added bonus: we got see Xavier!!!"