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PI-26 Engaging Parents

Vision: Reimagining K-12 education to equip students with meaningful and supportive adult relationships and the ability to adapt to opportunities and challenges on their personalized journeys to successful lives.

Engaging Parents

  • Open House and orientation events
  • ACP Conferences
  • ACP Activities
  • ACP Course Guide to inform 4-year plan
  • Information on district website
  • Building websites and newsletters

Four stages to successful Academic and Career Planning (ACP)

  • Who am I? : Get to know your interests, skills, & strengths
  • Where do I want to go? Explore career pathways and eduction opprotunities
  • How do I get there? Set your route! Set goals, choose courses, obtain financing, fill out applications, write resumes

Mission: Empower ALL students to travel the road to adulthood through education and training to careers!

6-8 ACP Activities / Opportunities

  • Xello Activities - Career & Education Exploration
  • Develop career portfolio
  • Career Presentations
  • Business/Industry Visits
  • Explore Trades, Apprenticeships, Military
  • Pathway Exploration and Interviews

9-12 ACP Activities / Opprotunities

  • Complete Xello Activities
  • Complete a job search workshop
  • Explore an apprenticeship program
  • Practice completing job applications
  • Practice and take the ACT
  • Enroll in Personal Finance 
  • Attend a college/training fair
  • Attend a career/job fair
  • Attend an interviewing skills workshop
  • Complete and update resume
  • Take part in community service projects
  • Participate in business/industry visits