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The School District of Janesville has an organized co-curricular program for high school students (Grades 9 - 12). Participation is an earned privilege that carries expectations and responsibilities that exceed the norm of regular school attendance.

Students who elect to participate are expected to model behaviors that will reflect positively on their school and the community of Janesville.  The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) defines co-curricular activities and divides them into fall, winter, and spring athletic seasons. All non-WIAA activities, which includes school clubs, will follow the WIAA seasonal schedules.

The SDJ is a part of the regional Big Eight Conference. Please see their website for more information about conference games, matches and tournaments (

The School District of Janesville has established both academic standards and standards of behavior that apply to all students.  As part of the educational process, each program will focus on standards relating to, but not limited to, appropriate conduct, citizenship and healthy lifestyle. All high school students who wish to participate in athletics and clubs through the SDJ must review the code book and sign a statement that they have done so. 

Co-curricular code books and athletic registration information, instructions and forms can be found below. See WIAA Health Related Forms for additional information.

For Middle School Athletics see:

Middle School Schedule

High School Co-Curricular Info


Online High School Athletic Registration

For Parents or Guardians:

  1. The parent or guardian must start the registration process by logging into Infinite Campus (Students can not register for sports until the parent has started the process)
  2. Upon successful login to Infinite Campus select the student you wish to register for an athletic team.
  3. Choose the Reports tab on the left then click on Athletic Registration from the resulting list of reports to begin registering for a new Athletic program.
  4. Clicking on the Athletic Registration Tab will log you into the new Athletic Registration portal on the website to complete your registration.

For Students:

Once your parent or Guardian has logged in and completed the Athletics Registration process please log into Infinite Campus to complete your portion of the registration. NOTE - Students will not be able to complete their portion of the registration until your parent or guardian completes the initial registration following the instructions above.

  1. Students, once logged into Infinite Campus click on the Reports tab on the left menu then click on Athletic Registration from the resulting list of reports to complete your athletic registration.
  2. Upon successful log in to Infinite Campus click on the select the student you wish to register for an athletic team.