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The School District of Janesville is proud to partner with many different community organizations and individual volunteers to help our students graduate ready for their post-high school life. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please start by filling out the online application form below. For more information about our volunteer policies and procedures, please click on the panels below.

Who Can Volunteer?

In the best interest of student safety, those who do not meet the criteria below; are not yet approved; or, have been denied approval will not be allowed to work with students or be involved in student activities.

The following person groups can be considered for volunteer work.

  • Approved community persons - those who have completed an application and have been approved through the approval process are cleared to volunteer.
  • Former students who have been out of school for 2 years and have been approved.
  • High school students who have approval from an advisor with a specific group (ie: DECA or other group) and are receiving oversight by that advisor or group representative.
  • Volunteer Coaches follow a separate procedure and training. Those interested in coaching should connect with the Athletic Director of the school they wish to volunteer with.

How Do I Volunteer?

Volunteer Approval Process:

  1. Volunteer application: Please complete the application being certain references and the approval for a background check has been signed. We will be unable to process incomplete applications. (For persons approved to volunteer the prior year, the references portion of the application does not need to be completed).
  2. Background Check: Once the application has been received, a criminal background check will be performed. If questionable items are found on the back ground check, the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative and Human Services (or the Designee) will do a further check and potentially connect with volunteer to clarify. NOTE: something discovered during the background check does not necessarily disqualify a volunteer - circumstances approved by HR will determine eligibility at that time.
  3. Reference Checks: Once background check has cleared, volunteer references will be contacted and asked a series of questions about the volunteer. NOTE: this step takes the most time as persons processing volunteer applications may be waiting on references to return calls or information. It is always a good idea to let the persons listed as references know you are applying to volunteer and that they may be receiving a call.
  4. Approval Status: Once the application is complete, the designated building Principal and Secretary (listed on the application) will receive the notice of approval or denial. The Principal or Secretary will then communicate the approval/denial with the volunteer (and staff) as it is determined the best fit for the requests.
  5. Volunteering: All approved volunteers are required to sign-in at the main office of the building they have entered and must wear a visitor badge at all times. Volunteers should track their hours and submit those to the building Secretary so they can be logged.

Board Policy 1230 - Volunteers

Board Policy 1230

Services of volunteers may be accepted by the Board, the District Administrator, central office administrators, building principals, and assistant building principals.

Volunteers may come from all backgrounds and all age groups and may include any persons willing to give of their time to help students and school staffs. Volunteers may be involved in virtually every facet of the operation of the school district, working with students on a supervised basis, or performing tasks not involving students. Duties may involve services to the libraries, classrooms, athletic events, music programs, school plays, pre-kindergarten programs or assisting on field trips and similar activities.

School personnel will identify appropriate tasks for volunteers and will plan inservice activities for them so they may become skilled in performing those tasks.

Volunteers will not teach, but may reinforce skills taught by the professional staff. Volunteers may not provide transportation to students in their personal vehicles for any school-sponsored activities. Volunteer and student connection may not extend beyond the school-sponsored assignment. School personnel, not volunteers, will determine behavior consequences for students. No student will be placed in a one-to-one setting with a volunteer unless the volunteer is supervised by District personnel.

State Statute 118.29(2)
State Statute 118.295
State Statute 120.12(2)
State Statute 120.44
Board of Education
Janesville, Wisconsin

Revised: 1990; 2002; August 2009

Administrative Regulation 1230.1

The administration and staff welcome volunteers to the schools. Volunteers can be a great asset to help reinforce with students, skills that have been taught by the teaching staff.

District staff will determine how volunteers will be used in District schools and the frequency and duration of building visits. To protect students and staff and promote a safe school environment, volunteers will be required to:

  1. Sign a logbook (paper or electronic) in the front office as soon as they arrive at the school building and upon departure.
  2. Wear a volunteer badge during the visit.
  3. Make written application to serve as a volunteer for the specific service which the volunteer is proposing to provide, and receive acceptance of the proposed offer of service in writing by District personnel. The application shall be retained in the file of the District official accepting the services and a copy will be forwarded to the Public Information Specialist. (This procedure is required to meet the District’s obligations under its insurance policy.)
  4. Receive an explanation of expectations relating to safety, confidentiality, grooming, and conduct from the principal, or the principal’s designee, for the school attended by the students who are to receive the benefit of the volunteer’s service.
  5. Certain volunteer positions will be subject to background checks such as overnight field trips, mentors and coaches.

District staff shall provide appropriate training to volunteers to assure that the duties assigned to each volunteer are properly completed. Any District staff person utilizing a volunteer shall be responsible for determining that the volunteer’s work properly fulfills the assigned task. No volunteer shall be placed with a student on a one-to-one basis unless the volunteer is supervised or unless the volunteer’s contact with the student occurs in a setting that has regular traffic by adults or other students. For this purpose, supervision means that the supervisor shall be in direct visual or voice contact with the volunteer. Unless such supervision is provided, or unless student contact occurs in a location with regular traffic by adults or other students, a volunteer shall provide services to students only in a group setting, involving multiple students or multiple adults.

Printable Application

Volunteer application: Please complete the application being certain references and the approval for a background check has been signed. We will be unable to process incomplete applications. (For persons approved to volunteer the prior year, the references portion of the application does not need to be completed). Please submit this form to the Educational Services Center at the front window.

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Volunteer Application Form                                               Solicitud de Voluntario


Volunteer Application Fillable PDF

Please download and fill out this PDF.  Once finished please email to

Online Volunteer Application Form