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Opportunities to submit RFPs to the School District of Janesville may be listed on this page. The process, qualifications and forms needed for the RFP can be found with each specific bid solicitation below. You may have to scroll to find the proposal you are looking for. Please contact the number provided in each proposal for questions.

Request for Quotation - Re-Roofing Parker High School

Angus Young
555 South River Street
Janesville, Wisconsin 53548-4783
Fax 608-756-0464

TO: Bidding Contractors
FROM: Jim Tibbetts, AAIA, Project Manager
RE: JVL SCHL Parker H.S. LMC Re-Roofing 2018 May 15, 2018
PROJECT: 64840 Page 1 of 1

Bidding and construction documents are being posted to the FTP site for the convenience of the
Contractors. Use of documents on this site must be printed at the correct size: drawings 24”x36” (dsize)
and project manual 8 ½” x 11”. Because the Owner and Angus Young Associates has no control
over the means of printing these documents, you take the responsibility for verifying that you have all
documents and that they have been printed correctly.

As is also indicated in the project manual, contractors are responsible for reviewing and understanding
the full scope of the project when submitting bids. Printing portions of the documents may not provide
all of the information needed to submit a complete bid. By using electronic versions of these
documents, you must familiarize yourself with the complete project.

Addenda issued during the time of bidding shall become a part of the Contract Documents. Bidders
shall acknowledge receipt of each addendum in the appropriate space provided on the Bid Form. Bid
will be rejected if receipt of addendum applicable to award of Contract has not been acknowledged on
Bid Form.

By downloading or otherwise obtaining these electronic versions of the bidding and construction
documents, you agree not to distribute the documents or username and password to other individuals,
groups or entities for any reason without express written authorization from Angus Young Associates.
As holders of these documents, you are acknowledging your requirements to obtain any addenda or
other materials prior to bidding and/or construction of the project.

Access to the documents is available at:

Username: 64840 (password is case sensitive)
Password: 64840Bidding (password is case sensitive)



Bidding Contractors Information Page

Parker High School Drawing

Manual for Re-Roofing Project