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How it works

At the Elementary School Level:

Students are put into TAG classes full-time.

At the Middle School Level:

Students are put into TAG classes, and also take elective classes. 

At the High School Level:

Students are put into TAG classes, take elective classes, and have several options to take advanced courses in several different academic areas. 

How TAG works:

Talented and Gifted Education (TAG) in the School District of Janesville extends across all grade levels, subject areas, and avenues for learning.  Our approach to programming is designed to enrich and extend the development of all students who perform at high levels or who show the potential to perform at high levels in any of the five areas of giftedness defined in Wisconsin State Statute.

Each building is being served by at least two Talented & Gifted Education (TAG) Advocates.  Our mission is to develop and grow talents and abilities by meeting student’s needs. 

Each school and grade level provides opportunities for their students based on the needs of the student.

The majority of students are serviced through the regular education classroom.  Qualifying students may be invited to participate in the district magnet (Challenge) program for talented and gifted students.

How Challenge works: 

The Challenge Program in the School District of Janesville is specifically designed for students with needs identified in tier three of Wisconsin’s Equitable Multi-Levels Systems of Supports. The district's most advanced students explore learning in depth, with acceleration and relation to self. Thinking skills are geared toward higher level responses, permitting the student the opportunity to struggle with new information, while offerings are based on readiness level, interests and learning style.  In addition, the program offers a diverse, well-trained staff dedicated to providing an integrated theme-based curriculum and a cohesive classroom environment tailored to the academic and social-emotional needs of intellectually advanced learners.

Our Challenge Program seeks to help the students develop their potential by

  • Challenging themselves to grow intellectually;
  • Challenging themselves to learn independently;
  • Challenging themselves to lead responsibly;
  • Challenging themselves to think creatively;
  • Challenging themselves to connect disciplines uniquely;
  • Challenging themselves to discover within themselves their unique gifts and talents;
  • Challenging themselves to recognize the effects of their gifts and talents and cope with the problems that accompany such gifts;
  • Challenging themselves to follow their curiosity for pure self-fulfillment, recognizing the joy of learning and inquiry.