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Our Promises

In 2017, the School District adopted the "Janesville Promises" to address key elements impacting student and school success. These Promises utilize 5 components with indicators that move the entire district forward. Our ultimate Promise is that every student will graduate ready for college, career and life.

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Student & School Success

Every student is known by name, strength, need; and every student graduates ready for college, career, and life.

  • Every student is known by name, strength, and need by at least one adult.
  • Teachers will increase/focus instruction from direct to engaged and empowered instructional opportunities.
  • 90% of 3rd graders will read at or above grade level.
  • 90% of 9th graders will successfully complete Algebra I.
  • 90% of graduates will successfully complete an advanced placement, transcripted, industry credential, or dual enrollment credit class.
  • 90% of graduates will complete college ready indicators as detailed at
  • 90% of graduates will complete career ready indicators as detailed at
  • Increase graduation rate by 1% each year to 92% rate for 2022.
  • 100% of students will have an academic and career plan that includes a post high school plan.

Efficient, effective, and caring interactions with our students, parents, and community.

  • Place in the top 15% of comparative Studer districts in parent and employee surveys.
  • Establish a 5-year rolling rate for grades 5-12 with the Gallup Hope student survey. 
Culture & Climate

Challenging, fulfilling and enjoyable work environment for our employees.

  • Maintain a certified staff retention rate at a minimum of 95%.
  • Increase non-certified staff retention rate by 1% each year to 93% for 2022.
  • All staff will participate in ongoing job-embedded professional development.

Continuous monitoring and re-alignment of district resources.

  • Maintain a balanced budget.
  • Utilize the SDJ capital improvement plan to maintain district infrastructure/buildings and honors past investments.
  • Utilize the SDJ information technology plan that is forward looking and supports student needs.
  • Prioritize energy/resource efficiency solutions and improvements.
  • Develop and implement employee compensation models that recruit and retain talented staff and are sustainable under the current state aid system.
Health & Safety

Prioritize the safety, health, and wellness of our school community.

  • Maintain student immunization rates above 90%.
  • Maintain a low accident rate while striving for zero accidents.
  • Maintain employee HRA/Biometrics participation rate at 95% or higher.
  • Maintain a minimum 5-year rolling average score of 4.5 out of 5.0 as reported by parents in response to the survey question, “School promotes a safe environment for my child to learn.”