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Know The District


We might be a little biased, but we think the people who work for the School District of Janesville are more than a  little AMAZING! And once you get to meet them, we think that you'll agree!

But SDJ has nearly 1,500 employees -- so getting to know each one would be just short of impossible.

In an effort to get you started, we present this story series titled "Know the District." Included here is a collection of question-and-answer profiles that feature SDJ staff members at facilities throughout the district. These include teachers, social workers, principals, paraprofessionals, counselors, directors, food service workers, IT people and other front-line folks whose commitment to students is integral in helping shape our leaders of tomorrow!

So check these out, and come back regularly for new additions!

Tina Johnson LEDE

Tina Johnson - educational services center

  • Position: Director of Benefits and Wellness, Educational Services Center.
  • Hometown: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Music Education/Vocal Performance, Wartburg College; Master's degree in Educational Leadership, St. Xavier University; Principal licensure, Aurora University; District Administrator licensure (pending), Concordia University.
  • Family: Daughter, Kayla; son, Carter.

  • Share something you find rewarding and something
    you find frustrating about your position. What is rewarding is that I work with some really incredible people who make me look forward to work every day. What is frustrating is that there is never enough time in the day.
  • What was the very first job you ever had? I was a summer custodian at my high school, changing locks, running the floor scrubber and Bondo-ing a window are among my favorite memories.
  • You have two hours of free time. What do you do? Lace up and go for a run or hike. Nature and movement are my go-tos!
  • If you could learn to do one thing, what would it be? Crochet. My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother all crochet blankets.
  • What was your favorite subject in school? Music is the right answer, but truly, I had some great teachers in a variety of subject areas. Those were my favorite classes.
    Tina Johnson Son
  • You have a background in vocal performance. Share some highlights from your singing career. I am trained in Opera. I am thankful for the numerous opportunities singing gave me to see the world. My favorite European memories are Eisenach, Germany – singing at the castle; Coventry Cathedral, England; Luxembourg; Prague and Munich, Germany. In the States: Carnegie Hall and Disney. Most recently, and as often as time allows, you can find me performing with The Lakeland Players (a live arts group based in Elkhorn).
  • Share one item at the grocery store that goes into your cart whether you need it or not. Avocados. I eat 4-5 per week.
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Ireland.
  • Who is your favorite Muppet? I don’t know if he was my favorite, but I remember having a stuffed Fozzie Bear as a child.
  • Share something people would be surprised to find out about you. I LOVE tent camping in the woods.
    Tina Johnson Fish
  • When I think about it, the single coolest thing that has ever happened to me is: I got to play my trumpet with Wynton Marsalis, who taught me a lesson on circular breathing.
  • If you could share the stage with one performer, who would it be and why? Barbra. Enough said.
  • Name one person from history you would most like to meet. Doris Day, for sure. She was an icon in our household growing up.
  • If you weren’t working in your current field, what do you think you would be doing as a career? Touring the world as a motivational speaker.
  • Share a quote that inspires you. "If I’m not part of the solution, I am part of the problem."



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