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Our Stories

Computer Science Programs

hour of code students learning to code

Don’t call the Janesville School’s computer science program its “best kept secret.”  That makes it sound like a restaurant or travel destination.

Instead, the Janesville School District’s computer science department is a quiet powerhouse, a force propelling students into the best colleges and then into high-paying jobs immediately after graduation.
How strong is the program?

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This Week in Kindergarten

How do you kindergarten during a pandemic? Very carefully.
Last fall we spent some time in Mrs. Amy London’s kindergarten class at Adams Elementary.  Here’s what we learned: School goes on, pandemic or no pandemic. Sure, the desks are in different places. Kids can’t eat together in the cafeteria. They line up differently. They interact with their teachers and friends in new ways. Everyone wears a mask.
The most significant changes occurred behind the scenes, where teachers reformulated lesson plans after lesson plan to make sure kids would be safe. But learning goes on, as do all the fun parts of kindergarten such as making friends, free choice time, wiggle breaks, and hands-on activities that involve glue and crayons.
In this series, we’ll share some of our adventures, and tell you how kindergarten works during challenging times
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Rock University High School

A charter school that helps students earn college credits

A semester’s tuition at UW-Madison is $10,725
At UW-Whitewater, it’s $7,706.
Those costs are before books and room and board.
Parents, imagine how those costs would change if your child left high school with a two-year associate
degree with credits transferable to a four-year college.
Students, imagine leaving high school with a degree that allowed you to make real money.
That option already exists at Rock University High School, one of the Janesville School District’s most
unique charter schools.
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