Jackson Elementary School

Social Studies Links

Social Studies Links


White House Kids
States and Capitols
States - Explore the States
States - Infoplease - The Fifty States

Democracy Project
U.S. Treasury - For Kids
Homestead Act - Homestead National Monument of America
Homestead Act - Pioneer Camera: Sod Houses

U.S. Presidents

Andrew Jackson - Library of Congress America's Story
Andrew Jackson - World Book Kids
Andrew Jackson - World Book Online
Benjamin Franklin's 300th Birthday


National Geographic

Environmental Education for Kids
Geography - Puzzle Maps
Play Kids Games - Geography and puzzles
Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam


All About Glaciers
Glacial Geology at University of Cincinnati
Glacier National Park Virtual Field Trip
National Park Service - Glacier National Park
NOVA - Mountains of Ice
PBS - Living Edens - Glacier Bay
University of Vermont - Physical Effects of Glaciers
University of Vermont - What Are Glaciers?

National Parks

Grand Canyon
Grand Teton
Hawaii Volcanoes
Mammoth Cave


Great Web Sites for Kids - American Library Association
Time for Kids
United States Map Puzzle
Weekly Reader Kids



U.S. History

Native Americans

American Indian Tribes and Cultures
Native American Culture
Native Americans
Native Languages of the Americas
Native Middle America
Native North America
Resources for Kids & Teachers
Specific North American Indian Tribes

Pony Express

Pony Express Home Station
Pony Express National Historic Trail
Pony Express National Museum
St. Joseph Museum

Spanish Missions

Arizona Guide
California Missions
Five Spanish Missions of San Antonio
Research Starters: Spanish Missions of California

Wisconsin History

Janesville Wisconsin Sites for Research

Wisconsin stories

Mrs. MacFarlane's Blog

University of Wisconsin Digital Records

Library 4.0

Animals Should Not Check Out Books

Wisconsin Blue Book
Wisconsin Historical Society -- Just for Fun
Wisconsin Kids Page
Wisconsins Great Lakes Shipwrecks


Agriculture - Cranberry Growers Association
Agriculture - UW Extension - Agriculture in Wisconsin
Government - State of Wisconsin Government
Government - Wisconsin Public Officials
Government - World Book - Wisconsin Government
Natural Resources - Critter Corner - Mammals
Natural Resources - Department of Natural Resources - Natural Resources
Natural Resources - World Book - Wisconsin Economy
People - Famous Wisconsinites
People - Netstate - People of Wisconsin
People - Things To Do - Famous People
People - World Book - Menominee
Places of Interest - Department of Natural Resources - State Parks
Places of Interest - Milwaukee Zoo
Places of Interest - Things To Do - Wisconsin

State Information

Paper Council
Things To Do
Wisconsin Facts and Trivia
World Book (Interesting Facts)
Department of Natural Resources (State Symbols)
KidsKonnect (State Symbols)
Wisconsin State Facts, Map, and Symbols
Wisconsin State Flower