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The Journey to Excellence Continues to Show Dividends

Six years ago, the School District of Janesville embarked on a district wide effort focused on raising student achievement titled, Journey to Excellence. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction releases annual School Report Card Scores for all 424 districts in Wisconsin. The School Report Card will help parents understand how their child’s school is doing and where it can improve. The report cards help all Wisconsin public schools get a better picture of how well they help children learn, advance to the next grade, and graduate ready for college and career. Our goal is to help every student in a Wisconsin school succeed, graduate, and be ready to pursue further education and a career. These ratings are based on scores from four priority areas:

  • Student Achievement in reading and mathematics on state assessments;
  • Student Growth measured by year-to-year improvements in achievement;
  • Closing Gaps in performance between specific student groups (comparing English Language learners, low-income students, students with disabilities, and members of racial or ethnic groups with their peers);
  • On-Track to Graduation and Postsecondary Readiness using reliable predictors of high school graduation and postsecondary success.

In addition, the School Report Card displays the school’s performance on three areas of student engagement:

  • Test Participation Rate in reading and mathematics state tests
  • Absenteeism Rate measuring chronic absenteeism
  • Dropout rate measuring the number of students dropping out of school

Based on how well schools perform in the priority areas, schools and districts receive an accountability score on a 0-100 scale and its associated accountability rating and all individual schools are listed below.

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Report Cards

- District Report Card -
12/20/2016 852.1 KB
Adams Elementary
12/20/2016 871.7 KB
Craig High School
12/20/2016 871.9 KB
Edison Middle School
12/20/2016 871.5 KB
Franklin Middle School
12/20/2016 871.2 KB
Harrison Elementary
12/20/2016 871.8 KB
Jackson Elementary
12/20/2016 851.3 KB
Jefferson Elementary
12/20/2016 871.5 KB
Kennedy Elementary
12/20/2016 871.7 KB
Lincoln Elementary
12/20/2016 872.0 KB
Madison Elementary
12/20/2016 871.3 KB
Marshall Middle School
12/20/2016 871.4 KB
Monroe Elementary
12/20/2016 871.1 KB
Parker High School
12/20/2016 871.5 KB
Roosevelt Elementary
12/20/2016 871.7 KB
Van Buren Elementary
12/20/2016 872.3 KB
Washington Elementary
12/20/2016 871.2 KB
Wilson Elementary
12/20/2016 871.7 KB