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Student Immunizations

All students admitted to the schools within the School District of Janesville must present immunization records as required by law. Except as otherwise provided, immunizations are required for measles, rubella, diptheria, pertussis, polio, tetanus, mumps, Hepatitis B, and Varicella. The School District of Janesville shall notify, with a legal notice, and according to the deadlines established by law (see ttachment), and adult student and the parent/guardian of any minor student who has not submitted either written evidence of immunization or a waiver form. Notification shall include a list of missing immunizations, the availability of waivers for reasons of health, religion, or personal conviction, and explanation of the penalty for noncompliance and information on how and where to obtain necessary immunizations.

If the School District of Janesville has greater than 1% of the entire student body who are either behind schedule or have no record on the 40 day report, then during the next school year, the School District will exclude those students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12, who on the 30th day of school, are behind schedule or have no immunization record. No student can be excluded for more than 10 consecutive school days unless prior to the 11th day, the school board provides the parent or guardian with a hearing and the opportunity to an appeal.

Each attendance center will be responsible for maintaining a complete and up to date immunization record for each student. New immunization records or dates of immunizations will also be entered into the computer program. Staff at the Educational Services Center will be responsible for completing the reports to the local health department and to the District Attorney in accordance with the deadlines established by law.

Parents/guardians will be responsible for notifying the respective school when a student obtains an immunization or claims a waiver.

The School District of Janesville will consult with the Rock County Health Department, and comply with state regulations when considering to exclude a student who fails to meet the state immunization requirements or during an outbreak of one of the diseases, until the student is immunized or the outbreak subsides.

Although not part of the immunization law, the school nurse will follow up with the parents/guardian of those students who do not meet the immunization requirements. Nurses shall inform parents of resources available to assist the child(ren) in obtaining the necessary immunizations.