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A. Minor Injury

Staff will assess the situation. When blood is present, only staff covered by the district’s exposure control plan will provide first aid according to school approved procedures.

  1. Return the student to class if he/she is all right.
  2. Notify the parents of all injuries for which further attention may be necessary.
  3. Complete documentation in the Illness and Injury Log.

B. Serious Injury or Illness

  1. Assess the seriousness of the injury or illness. If appropriate, call for emergency response team members in the school building. 
  2. Unless there is a life threatening emergency, only school staff covered by the district’s exposure control plan should administer first aid when blood is present. This first aid will be provided according to approved procedures or special guidelines that are noted on the confidential health list or student health plan. If the situation is life-threatening or the victim is unresponsive, call for automated electronic defibrillator and administer necessary first aid to:
    a) maintain adequate airway
    b) maintain adequate blood flow
    c) stop bleeding
    d) treat for shock
    If the situation needs immediate medical attention call 911.
  3. A school staff person should stay with the injured/ill person. Have someone else notify the school administration of the incident.
  4. As soon as possible, school staff will contact the parent/guardian to inform them of the situation and where they can go to meet their child.
  5. If 911 is called, the emergency responder from the Janesville Fire Department will determine if the person needs to be transported to a hospital. If 911 is not called, the injured/ill person can be released to the parent/emergency contact to transport the person to a medical facility or home.
  6. Stay with the person until the emergency responder, parent, or emergency contact assumes responsibility. If possible, someone from the school should accompany a student when transported by ambulance to a hospital if the parent or emergency contact is not present.
  7. External or internal medication should not be given unless specifically prescribed.
  8. The accident report form and injury log needs to be completed.