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Elementary Track Meet


All fourth and fifth grade students in public and parochial schools in Janesville participate in the track meets at Monterey Stadium in May each year.

Events are introduced in Physical Education class. Safety precautions and helpful hints are given during the 4 week practice period. During this time, with the assistance of their P.E. teacher, each student will select three (3) events that they would like to compete in, not including the relay and 400 meter run. These additional two (2) events are on a try-out basis.

The students will compete with others of similar age, height and weight. Each event has a boy's division and a girl's division.


Students may choose three of the following events:

  1. 50 Meter Dash
  2. Hurdles
  3. Long Jump
  4. High Jump
  5. Softball Throw
  6. Medicine Ball Throw
  7. Frisbee Throw
  8. Shot Put

Students may try out for an extra event:

  1. Relay
  2. 400 Meter Dash