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Community Volunteers

Services of community volunteers may be accepted by the Board, the District Administrator, central office administrators, building principals, and assistant building principals.

Volunteers may come from all backgrounds and all age groups and may include any persons willing to give of their time to help students and school staffs.  Volunteers may be involved in virtually every facet of the operation of the school district, working with students on a one-to-one basis or performing tasks not involving students.  Duties may involve services to the libraries, classrooms, athletic events, music programs, school plays, pre-kindergarten programs or assisting on field trips and similar activities.

School personnel will identify appropriate tasks for volunteers and will plan inservice activities for them so they may become skilled in performing those tasks.

Volunteers will not teach, but may reinforce skills taught by the professional staff.  Volunteers may not provide transportation to students in their personal vehicles for any school-sponsored activities.  Volunteer and student connection may not extend beyond the school-sponsored assignment.

For the purpose of the district’s insurance program, volunteers will be required to make written application for specified services, and such services will be accepted in writing by the appropriate school personnel listed in paragraph one of this policy.  The completed form will be retained in the files of the school official accepting the services of the volunteers, and a copy will be forwarded to the Coordinator of Community Involvement.

To Become Involved...

Please start by filling out the Volunteer Application Form and call (608) 743-5137 for further information.