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Registration Information

Family Access Online Registration

Online Video Tutorial

Parents have the ability this year to complete most of the registration process online, using their Family Access account. If you do not have a Family Access account, please contact the school directly. A parent/guardian account will give you access to all of your child’s information and allow you to make online payments, using eFunds. Only the guardians from the primary family will have access to complete the online registration.

The online registration allows the guardians to update the following information:

  • Family phone numbers
  • Mark a phone number as confidential
  • Update the family home language
  • Update employer information
  • Request to withhold all directory data
  • Remove the student’s information from listings for military recruiters
  • Remove the student information from listings for institutions of higher education
  • Add and delete emergency contacts for the student
  • Update physician, dentist, and insurance information
  • Update health information including health problems
    - Allergy notes, medication notes, surgery notes, vision notes, hearing notes, and other health concerns

The online forms also allow the parents to complete the Field Trip Permission Form, the Student Insurance Waiver and Milk Form (elementary schools). Additional forms that require a signature will be available to download from the School District’s website, so parents can print and complete these forms and bring them to school on the registration day.

Fees can be paid by cash, check, or online payment. The company that handles the online payments, eFunds, charges a $1.00 fee for electronic check payments with a maximum amount of $650 per transaction and $2.45 fee for credit card payments per $100 ($2.45 fee for transaction amount of up to $100, $4.90 fee for transactions between $101-$200, $7.35 for transactions between $201-$300, etc) . Parents can pay in the same transaction for multiple charges and more than one child. Required and optional fees can be selected on eFunds site, as well as deposits to the student’s lunch account. Online payments made before 9:00 a.m. will display in Family Access on the next business day. To register for the first time, parents will also need to know the students “Other ID”. The ID is displayed on the Student Information page in Family Access.

Forms for Registration

(these forms are to be printed and brought with you to registration at your child's school):