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Assistive Technology

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Kathy White  Assistive Technology Teacher Kennedy Elementary 743-5147
Beth Belz  Speech and Language  Roosevelt Elementary 743-7076
Terri Rauscher  Physical Therapist Kennedy Elementary 743-7544
Deb Krausse  Occupational Therapist Monroe Elementary 743-6117
Kathy Sween Occupational Therapist Lincoln Elementary 743-6796
Lara Polk Teacher Learning Disabilities Harrison Elementary 743-6494
Sara Vold Teacher Cognitive Disabilities Kennedy Elementary 743-5066
Angie Kirkpatrick Teacher Cognitive Disabilities Marshall  Middle School 743-6178
Christin Breitbach Teacher Early Childhood Monroe Elementary 743-6968
Melanie Baumunk Vision Specialist Marshall Middle School 743-6233
Karen Armstrong Occupational Therapist Roosevelt Elementary School
 Kay Knilans Speech and Language  Franklin Middle School 743-5046

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