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Menus are planned to meet the nutritional requirements for boys and girls of elementary age, middle school age and high school age. A variety of choices are offered for lunch.

High school menu choices are offered daily in a food court type setting. Types of meals available include a cold sandwich deli bar, a salad bar, an ethnic or themed menu bar, hot sandwiches and pizza. A variety of sides are offered to complete the meal, including milk.

Elementary School Lunch Menu

Elementary menus offer two entrée choices and an assortment of sides. Milk is included with the meal.

Middle School Lunch Menu

Middle school menus offer a standard lunch across all three middle schools. Each middle school then adds three to four additional offerings of their choice.

Breakfast Menu

The School District of Janesville Breakfast Program will offer a free breakfast to all enrolled students at 19 district locations in the 2014-2015 school year. The district locations are Adams, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Kennedy, Lincoln, Madison, Monroe, Roosevelt, Van Buren, Washington, Wilson, Edison MS, Franklin MS, Marshall MS, Craig HS, Parker HS, Rock River Charter School, and TAGOS.

The breakfast served meets the American Dietary Guidelines for Americans and follows the meal pattern set forth by the USDA and the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010. Schools will be serving breakfast before school in the traditional manner, in the classroom, or as a grab-n-go depending on each school’s student needs. All breakfasts will include whole grains, 100% juice or fresh fruit, milk, and have calorie based limits that are age appropriate.