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Title 1

Título 1 Family Involvement Information (Español)
La ley de Educación Primaria y Secundaria del 2001es un monumento federal legislativo que se dirige a todos los estudiantes de las escuelas en los Estados Unidos y es disignada para cerrar la laguna de logros. El propósito de está ley es de que todas las escuelas de los Estados Unidos usen el mismo modelo de evaluación.

Title 1 Family Involvement Information (English)
The 2001 Elementary and Secondary Education (ESEA) Act is landmark federal legislation that addresses all U.S. schools and is designed to close the achievement gap. The underlying purpose of the law is to have all U.S. schools using the same evaluation model.

Family Resource Center information
The Family Resource Center is a welcoming environment for families within the school that creates positive communication opportunities and develops a strong bond of trust between home and

Title I Information
Title I Information (Spanish)
Title I Parochial School Information

Title I Parent Information

What is a Title I Schoolwide Program?

First, to be eligible as a Schoolwide program, free and reduced lunch counts must be at or above 40%. Schoolwide programs serve all children in a school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall Schoolwide program.

Why is it so important to be a Schoolwide Program?

Title I Schoolwide programs have the flexibility to organize the funding sources available to them. The funding is used to improve the academic achievement of all students while addressing the needs of the lowest performing students.

What are the core parts of a Schoolwide Program?

There are three components of a Title I Schoolwide program:

  1. Thorough assessment of needs which identifies the school’s strengths and challenges in the key areas that affect student achievement
  2. Comprehensive school-wide program plan that describes how the school will achieve the goals it has identified as a result of the needs assessment
  3. Annual evaluation to determine if goals and objectives of the plan were achieved and if the plan needs revision or an update.

How do Schoolwide Programs achieve high levels of performance?
The purpose of high levels of achievement is reached through:
1. high quality instruction by highly qualified teachers;
2. reform strategies and methods based on the use of scientifically based research;
3. strategies to improve teacher quality and professional development; and,
4. consolidated and flexible use of funds.

Title I Schoolwide Programs are looking forward to partnering with parents. Please call Ms Julie DeCook, District Title I Coordinator, at 608.743.5054 or email jdecook@janesville.k12.wi.us with questions. We know your child will have a successful school year.