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Instructional Service Department

Student achievement is the heart of our district and the Department of Instructional Services is responsible for all student achievement and growth. The Instructional Service Department provides services for curriculum development and implementation and assessment in the core academic areas of Math, Science, Social Studies and Communication Arts in grades pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. The same support is given in the areas of K-12 art, music, physical education, world language, health, business and marketing, agriculture, family/consumer education, and technology education.

This department administers the professional development and the PI34 Teacher Licensure and Certification initiatives that support the supervision and evaluation process.

In addition, the Instructional Services department coordinates the Gifted and Talented, English Language Learner, Janesville Outdoor Lab, and the Summer School programs.

Two charter schools; The Janesville Academy for International Studies and the Janesville Virtual Academy are also coordinated through the Instructional Services Department.