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Safety Procedures and Protocols

The School District of Janesville (SDJ) would like to assure families and community members that procedures are in place within the SDJ to help alleviate concerns over safety of staff and students. Through a partnership with the Janesville Police Department, proactive safety measures have been created. Listed below are some of the procedures and protocols to ensure student and staff safety in the district.

  • District leaders all participate in staff development with regards to safety.
  • District leaders practice real life scenarios related to student and staff safety.
  • Building Emergency Response Teams are in place.
  • Building Leaders work with local law enforcement practicing their response to emergencies together.
  • Local law enforcement has trained individuals that work in our schools and do active shooter training in our buildings.
  • The Police Department has blueprints of all our buildings.
  • The above individuals also provide students with education regarding student and staff safety.
  • Our partnership with local emergency responders is strong.
  • The recent emergency event and successful response at CHS indicates strength in our training and response to an emergency.
  • Support services provided by social workers, church partnerships and psychologists assists in comforting and support during a crisis.
  • We have a pre expulsion and expulsion process in place that monitors students prone to violence.
  • District leaders meet regularly with the District Attorney, Janesville Police Department, Rock County Sheriff’s Office and Juvenile Probation to discuss students of concern.
  • Our staff and students know what to do in an emergency, and we practice regularly to reinforce concepts and routines.
  • All schools have emergency plans which are developed in cooperation with the Janesville Police and Fire departments
  • All SDJ Educational buildings are equipped with door “buzzer” systems.