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Board of Education * Policies and Administrative Regulations


Board policies are the basis of school district operations. To have a well organized school system, the Board of Education needs a sound philosophy of education as a basis for policymaking. One of the Board's main functions is to adopt, regulate and amend policies of the district. The policies serve as guidelines for administration, staff, parents/guardians, students and community to follow to attain the district's goals.

Board Policies

Policies are developed and regulated by the Board of Education. Policy numbers are whole numbers (e.g. 5500).

Administrative Regulations
Administrative regulations consists of the detail and actions used to carry out the policy. Not all policies have an administrative regulation.  Administrative Regulations contain a decimal point (e.g. 5500.1 - AR). If there is a form attached to an Administrative Regulation it appears as (e.g. 5500.1 - AR Form). 

For questions, please call Assistant Director of Administrative and Human Services, Tina Johnson at 608-743-5022 for further information.

Policies and Procedures are found in our Board Docs System. The search feature in Board Docs will allow you to look up any current Board of Education policy and procedure.


1000 - Community
External relations, communication with the public, participation by the public, public activities involving school personnel, students or social facilities, relations between public and students, use of school facilities.

2000 - Administration
District administrative goals, objectives, duties, district organizational chart, management team. Summer and federal programming, professional growth and development of administration. Development and approval of administrative rules, handbooks and program consultants.

3000 - Business and Non-Instructional Operations
Budget/planning, revenue sources, expenditures/purchasing procedures, fund management, accounts/monies in school buildings, security of equipment, buildings and grounds, transportation, auxiliary agencies/cafeterias, safe and healthful facilities, data management and use of school facilities.

4000 - Personnel
Hiring/employment, compliance with discrimination, sexual harassment, statutes, health, safety and welfare, equal opportunity, recruitment, leave of absence, retirement and personnel records.

5000 - Students
Elementary and secondary, admissions/attendance, record, student services, equal educational opportunities, student rights, records, awards/graduation, activities, welfare/discipline and funds.

6000 - Instruction
Elementary and secondary instruction, elementary and secondary curriculum, extra-curricular programs, field trips, building-wide and system-wide services.

7000 - Construction
Facilities planning, designing and financing, bidder's proof of responsibility, occupying facilites, inspection/acceptance of completed project, naming of school district facilities.

8000 - Board Governance
Board goals, legal status, organization, committees, legal counsel, student representatives, meetings, board policy, communications and member development.