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Journey to Excellence

The School District of Janesville is committed to our students entering the world beyond the classroom as lifelong learners with strong academic skills and a sense of self.  Students will be prepared to become a vital part of society.

In 2008 the Board of Education and administration started the “Journey to Excellence”. The district adopted evidence-based leadership using the tools and processes needed to focus on student achievement based on data and measurable improvement.

We have institutionalized these practices into the day-to-day process, evaluation of performance and ensuring staff and parent satisfaction. The School District of Janesville is making significant district-wide improvements in several areas, including the following:

Improve leadership at the district and school levels by reducing leadership variance;

  • Focus leadership on evidence, data and results;
  • Involved representative staff in the development and implementation of Standards of Professional Behavior
  • Apply proven/successful techniques “prescriptive ‘to-dos’” to the School District of Janesville;
  • “Take the School District of Janesville from “Good to Great” Pillar Definitions;
  • Involve parents and students at a higher level in the form of more feedback and Communication and Parent Survey Results;
  • Unite all in our community’s efforts to provide a world-class education for each student.

To facilitate the implementation of these concepts district-wide, a steering committee meets to track progress and provide preliminary planning for next steps. In addition, regular updates are provided to the Board of Education and the standing district committees with requests for involvement, input and implementation. Currently, activity is focused in several areas with training from Studer Group personnel, including:

  • Superintendent’s, Directors, and Principals evaluation are based on their Leadership Evaluation Measurement (LEMs)
  • Hiring process for Administration, Teachers and Support Staff is done using a Peer Interview process;
  • A baseline was established by gathering data which includes student, staff, and parent perceptions and 
  • Rounding”: a technique that enables administrators to systematically “check in” with each staff member on a rotating basis. These “check ins” let the administrator know:
    • if the staff member needs materials or equipment to do his or her job properly;
    • what is working well for each staff member;
    • what could be improved for each staff member and
    • who has been particularly helpful to each staff member.

 Other "Journey to Excellence" tools: