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School District of Janesville Goals

In order to continually address the Teaching and Learning Goals of our long range strategic plan, the Board of Education annually identifies goals to focus on for the upcoming school year. The following goals are proposed as the focus. Listed here are the 2015-2016 goals and the results: Click Here for PDF-printable version

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School District of Janesville
Goals 2015-2016

Mission: To serve our community by educating every child.
Vision: Educational Excellence: Building our Future

VISION Efficient, effective, and caring interactions with our employees, students, parents, and community. Excellent student achievement. Excellent work environment for our employees. Equitable allocation and optimal utilization of our facilities, systems, and funding. Growth through creation of innovative programs and/or initiatives such as STEM, Robotics, the Summer Musical, the Challenge Program and many others. Protecting our resources, staff, students, parents, and community.
GOALS Raise the overall parent satisfaction score from 4.26 (14-15) to 4.36 (15-16).

Raise the overall student survey score from 4.13 (2014-15) to 4.28 (2015-16).
The SDJ accountability score from the state report card will remain in the top 3 scores of the 18 largest school Districts in the state.^

Grade levels K-10 will be assessed on the STAR assessment in the areas of reading and math. Students will show a 35-60% increase in growth.*
Raise the overall employee satisfaction score from the current mean rate of 4.14 in May 2015 to 4.29 in Dec. 2015 and May 2016. Balance the 16-17 budget without using fund balance** and focus on an investment in people by allocating money for a competitive compensation package while maintaining a cost effective infrastructure. The SDJ will gain and retain a higher percentage of available students in the community:

- Increase the net open enrollment gain by a minimum of 50 students in the 2016-17 school year.

Additional data that will be tracked includes: Number of students participating in STEM at our Schools.
Decrease the employee accident rate by 5% from 4.16 per 100 employees in 2014-15 to 3.95 per 100 employees in 2015-16.

Decrease the student accident rate by 2% from 2.70 per 100 employees in 2014-15 to 2.65 per 100 employees in 2015-16.
Parent: 4.36
Student: 4.28

Parent: 4.26
Student: 4.23
Rank: 1–3
Star Growth: 40%

Star Growth: 57%
Accountability: 3rd out of 18 largest districts


Dec 2015: 4.17
May 2016: 4.12
$3 Million

Balanced Budget

2015–16 Open Enroll:
+101 Students
STEM Participation:4951 Students
Employee: 3.95
Student: 2.65

Employee: 4.59
Student: 3.50

^This goal was eliminated for the 14-15 school year by the state, but is expected to return.
* This is the percentage recommended by the creators of this test to expect. STAR is a new districtwide test that is shorter in duration than previous assessments.
**If the fund balance is used for OPEB, reducing the District’s property tax or one-time expenditures to start up a new program, or one-time cost of a capital expenditure, then it would not count against the goal.